Supplying biochar to Australian Farms, Gardens & Industry

We make biochar and biochar based products

FarmChar was created to meet the growing demand for more sustainable products. Biochar is already well known globally as being beneficial for soils. More recently, it has come into focus as being good for  animal health and soils when fed to livestock.

Biochar can also be upcycled into a range of sustainable alternatives for a range of industries including (but not limited to) the building, concrete and bitumen industries.


If you produce food, grow crops or work in an industry looking for sustainable alternatives we would love to hear from you. Please contact us for more information.

Biochar applications

Biochar for Agriculture and Horticultural

Farmchar biochar is a carbon rich, highly porous material with long term nutrient and moisture holding capacity that improves your soil structure and provides habitat for soil microbes.

Feeding biochar to cattle

Biochar for use in the livestock Industry

Did you know that Farmchar biochar is being fed to animals? Scientific and anecdotal evidence demonstrates that feeding biochar is improving tlivestock & soil health and reducing input costs.

Biochar water filters

Biochar for Industrial Applications

Looking for sustainable, low carbon alternatives? There’s some interesting work being carried out across a range of sectors using biochar. We can tailor make a biochar to meet your requirements.

Made in Western Australia

FarmChar is a brand of Energy Farmers Australia Pty Ltd. Energy Farmers was formed in 2010 and is owned and managed by Tom Vogan and Euan Beamont. Tom grew up on a farm in Lancelin Western Australia and now works as a project engineer in the oil and gas sector. Euan is a farmer from Mullewa who has experience in logistics and project management. We decided to combine our skills because we see opportunities to use waste more effectively to produce energy and biochar.

We have developed continuous flow, mobile pyrolysis (biochar) technology. The kiln can process approx. 250 kg/hr. of material to produce a high quality biochar and is scalable up to 1 tonne/hour. Heat produced from the process can be used where process heat is required and to replace LPG for heating & drying applications.

We’ve been trialing FarmChar biochar as a soil supplement in broad scale agriculture and horticulture. We’re also developing other biochar based products with a view to providing sustainable alternatives for industries heavily reliant on fossil based products.