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Horticultural Biochar 20L Bag


Farmchar horticultural biochar is the ideal addition to your favourite compost and/or fertiliser product.

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Adding biochar (horticultural charcoal) to soils will provide habitat for soil microbes, increase you moisture holding capacity and add valuable carbon.

All our biochars are produced from sustainably managed forests in Western Australia.

Application Rates

  • General gardening applications: Incorporate 1-5 liters/m2 into the soil to a depth of 10-20cm before planting
  • Horticulture:  Use up to 10% by volume – incorporated into soil pre planting
  • Potting mixes, composts and mulches:  Blend 10% by volume – mix well with medium. Can be applied immediately to soil or left to mature
  • Tree plantings: Add 2-5 liters to a depth of 30cm when establishing new trees and for established trees Apply 5-10% by volume along major roots in trenches 15cm wide by 300cm deep.
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